Menu Tile & Coronavirus

As the food and hospitality industry finds itself in this very challenging time, we are making the decision to suspend our subscription charges for our services during the Covid-19 crisis. We are doing this to give businesses in this sector the chance to adapt and survive. Many businesses are finding it a significant struggle to effectively transition from being an eat in/shop in premises, to becoming a collection or delivery based business to satisfy customer and staff safety in lines with the government guidelines on social distancing. Menu Tile allows you to publish your collection/delivery menu and price list to an audience via their mobile phones. This allows clear and direct ordering communication between a customer and you, clear visibility of what you can sell and even the ability for customers to pay through the menu/price list up front for their orders, via Menu Tile Pay.

The Menu Tile Pay service is the only chargeable aspect of our service during this period of time. Details on how Menu Tile can assist your business with collections, deliveries and payments can be seen below.


The Menu Tile collection module can help you give your business the following process controls:



The Menu Tile delivery module can help you give your business the following process controls:


Menu Tile Pay fees

Fees only apply if using the Menu Tile Pay module:


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