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Have questions about Menu Tile? Our FAQ will help you with your initial and frequently asked questions.

What is a tile?

A tile is a 100 x 100mm waterproof device containing an NFC tag (electronic barcode), a QR code and your artwork, this tile can also be a business card sized table tag or a window vinyl to suit your requirements and deliver your menu at the point of interaction with a customer’s mobile phone.

What is a Digital Menu?

The digital menu (sometimes known as an electronic menu or eMenu) provided by Menu Tile, is a mechanism to inject your menu directly into the mobile phone of your customer after interaction with one of your Menu Tiles or link on your website. The Digital Menu allows for a more immersive experience for your customers giving you the ability to provide greater details about your offering including more in depth narrative where you can include the story of the dish, where the produce has been sourced from, the ideal wine to be matched with this dish and more. You can present images of your dishes to the customer to wet their appetite and most critically you can include allergen, dietary and ingredients details for all dishes.

What is Menu Tile Pay?

Menu Tile Pay is the fully integrated contactless payments system within Menu Tile. The customer can place their food order and make payment without any contact with waiting staff, quickly and directly through the menu. This both reduces physical contact which is so important post-covid, but also allows you to ensure that you have taken payment for food before it is served.

The costs for using Menu Tile pay are 3% of the total order value plus £0.20 per transaction

Can the system work outside the UK?

Yes definitely. Although we are a UK based business, the system operates in the cloud and works well for any region of the world. Ideal for use in holiday resorts with English speaking guests.

Do my customers need to download an app?

No. Unlike other services neither you, or your customers need to download an app. The majority of currently available smartphones will easily interact with Menu Tile via the NFC, or QR code method. The rising use of both of these methods for other day-to-day activities will mean customer integration to using Menu Tile is quick, self-explanatory and rewarding.

Can customers create a tab?

The system is fully configurable. If you allow tabs to be created, the system can be configured to allow customers to order items and add them to a tab, paying for that tab at the end of their service either via Menu Tile Pay, or your own payment methods.

Can I display Allergen information?

The core of the Menu Tile system is allowing you to provide fabulous detailed information about each dish. You can really go overboard and showcase your menu, or keep it light and snappy. The flexibility is completely up to you. The ability to guide your customers through your menu by allowing them to filter allergens and dietary info and making these important aspects visible and very clear, gains your customers trust. Customers are prevented from ordering unless acknowledging their menu choices which contain recognised allergens. This clever step safeguards both them and you and makes this digital menu indispensable in today’s growing allergen concerns.

Can I take a deposit from customers booking a table?

We understand that there is a growing problem of people not showing up after booking a table and the impact that this has on your business, holding a table open for a customer that never shows. You can optionally enable the system to take a deposit for the booking. This can be done on a per table, or per person basis, i.e. £25 for the table or £10 for each member of the party booking. This deposit is credited to the bill at the end of the service with the customer paying the difference.

Do you offer a table booking service?

Yes. We offer a fully integrated table booking platform at no extra cost on most of our packages. Customers can book directly from your website or social media through the simple integration widgets we provide, or they can call you and your staff can use the admin view of the table booking portal to book tables.

Can my customers book tables?

Yes. We have an integrated book a table system which comes as standard with the plus and premium packages. You can also take bookings via the phone and enter them in via your view of the reservation system.

Calendar views make it easy to see what tables and time slots you have free and welcome your customers by name when they arrive for their booking.

Can I have the table booking system on my website?

Yes. You can publish this along with the rest of your menu on your website. We will be launching widgets for WordPress, Magento and many other major web development platforms in the near future.

Can my customers still pay by cash?

Yes. If you allow cash payments, you can configure the system to operate electronically with the eMenu, sending orders electronically while waiting for a member of waiting staff to take cash payment and mark that order as paid.

How do I subscribe?

Either call us on 01482 534415 or go to the subscription page and follow the onscreen instructions.

How much does it cost?

Please take a look at our subscription page, we have no hidden costs and aim to always be clear and up-front with our pricing.

My chef only wants to operate with paper tickets can you provide this rather than the electronic orders?

Yes. This is not a problem at all. Whilst there are advantages of using the fully electronic ordering system, allowing you to inform your customers when a dish is being prepared and how long preparation time will be, we understand that many kitchens do not operate in that way. We can supply optional printers that automatically print tickets for food and drinks. Customer orders can even be split between multiple printers allowing drinks and food to go to two different service areas for example. Discuss this with our sales team when you are talking about how you would like your system to work.

What is the contract length?

Our usual contract terms are 1 month free trial followed by a 12 month contract. After the 12 months a month on month rolling contract comes into place. At that point we ask for 60 days notice for cancellation of your contract.

Are there any additional costs?

Additional charges are a charge of 3% plus £0.20 per customer payment transaction on debit, credit card and electronic payments, when a customer uses Menu Tile Pay.

While the system is designed to be fully paper free, we understand that you may want to print your orders directly in the kitchen, or the bar. If this is the way you prefer to work, then we can supply you with a specific printer for kitchen and bar use, at £328 +VAT.

When does my subscription start?

Your subscription will start immediately after the 30-day trial, i.e. 31 days after you signed up.

Can I subscribe to the table booking system only?

Yes. Please contact us for more information.

Can I publish the Menu on my Website?

Yes. We have code snippets available and widgets for most of the standard web building platforms to make this easier. We will provide you with a custom link to your digital menu to allow you to allow you to see in Menu Tile’s analytics section, where your customer views are coming from, for instance your website, social media pages, or in-house use and also the performance of specific tags

Can I publish my Menu on my social media?

Yes. Menu Tile provides you with a custom link you can place on any social media. Customers clicking the link on your social media pages behaves in the same manner as a customer interacting with a tag in your venue. They see all the detail of your digital menu and can book tables, or order food for collection or delivery. Menu tile’s analytics will show where your customers have come from to the digital menu.

I need more Table Tags, Menu Tiles or window stickers, can I buy more?

Yes. Please call our sales team on 01482 534415 to discuss.

I would like to give my customers a way of remembering my menu do you offer any hand out materials?

Yes. We offer a print service for business card style copies of your table tag, this shows a QR code for easy access to your menu, along with a short link and your restaurants logo. Please call our sales team on 01482 534415 to discuss.

How do I get support?

When you subscribe to Menu Tile, you will be assigned a Business Relationship Manager, who will be your point of contact for any issues, or questions about the creation and use of your digital menu.  The Business Relationship Manager will also be monitoring your use, to routinely checking in with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Menu Tile subscription.

Outside that if you need support you can raise a ticket from within the admin view of Menu Tile, or call us on 01482 534415 and one of our support team will be able to assist you.

How quickly can I make changes to my menu?

Menu Tile is all about living in the moment with your customers. The flexibility and easy to use interface, means your can make changes to price, availability, ingredients lists and menu photos on the fly and in moments. Your customers immediately see any of these changes when they interact with Menu Tile.

How long does it take to get my money with Menu Tile Pay?

To use Menu Tile Pay you will need to either set up, or link an existing PayPal account. Customer payments taken via Menu Tile Pay are then delivered directly into your PayPal account within the normal PayPal time frame (usually within 24 hours).

Can I get my money quicker than next day?

If you want your money faster you can log into your PayPal account and manually withdraw funds. How quick this is, is subject to your banking provider – but generally this is between 10 minutes to 2 hours. Check with your banking provider for more detail.

When does my subscription payment go out?

The subscription payment goes out on the same day of the month that you signed up on, or as close to it as possible, if you signed up on the 29th to 31st of the month you will be billed on that day of the month unless it does not exist, such as in February where you would be billed on the 28th for that month.

Do I get VAT invoices from Menu Tile Ltd?

Yes. Menu Tile automatically generates your invoices for both the subscriptions and the commission for using Menu Tile Pay.

What happens at the end of my subscription term?

At the end of your 12-month fixed term subscription, your Menu Tile account will automatically change to a rolling month by month contract.

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