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Fair, fixed prices with all the functionality you love.
No cover charges, no caps on the number of bookings.

  • 10 minute set up
  • Try it free for 14 days
  • From £24.95^/month
79,175 Customers Served
24,030 Tables Booked
92,030 Unique User Interactions

Intuitive features make bookings easy

  • Online Reservations
  • Manage Telephone Bookings
  • Live Code Widgets for Your Website
  • Booking Deposits
  • Calendar View
  • Manage Walk -Ins
  • Monitor No -Shows
  • Full Table Management
  • Simple 10 Minute Setup

Try it FREE for 14 days, then from £24.95^per month

^ Monthly equivalent, paid annually. Excluding VAT.

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14 Day FREE Trial

£ 29.95 / Per month*

Billed Monthly / Cancel Anytime**

Equivalent to £359.40* per Annum

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14 Day FREE Trial

£ 26.95 / Per month*

Billed £161.70* every 6 months.

Equivalent to £323.40* per Annum

Best Value
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14 Day FREE Trial

£ 24.95 / Per month*

Billed £299.40* every 12 months

Equivalent to £323.40* per Annum

* Plus VAT. Additional transaction fees apply for deposits on bookings. ** Cancel any time - Your subscription will end at the end of your pre-paid period.

Easy for your guests and your team

This system just works. With a simple, intuitive venue view and the simple online calendar guests prefer.

Live day view to manage to manage your venue in real time

  • Daily view with bookings by hour and by sitting
  • Simple drag and drop table management system
  • Easy editor to adjust booking details
  • Arrange your tables into areas

Monthly calendar view to manage your venues bookings day-to-day

  • See ahead with our monthly view
  • Block bookings on days you’re closed or hosting special events
  • Easily see numbers of bookings and covers
  • Plan your ingredients purchases and staff rota

Manage your venue when guests arrive

  • Manage guest bookings
  • Visually track table status, When a guest arrives, is seated and leaves the table
  • Quickly track ‘No-Shows’ and free up tables for walk-in guests
  • Easily juggle bookings and cater for walk-in customers

In depth analytics and reporting to guide your management

  • Reporting and Analytics view provides insight into your venue
  • Analysis of the spread of bookings and how they are gained
  • Understand your busy periods and capitalise on the analysis of your average booking versus cover details and adjust your venue layout to suit

Quick Booking form

  • Take reservations by phone or add walk-in bookings in seconds
  • Easily book larger parties
  • Block out your venue for exclusive events or for days you need to close

Ready made code, widgets and plugins for your website

  • The calendar-style widget guests prefer to book on, integrates seamlessly into your existing website
  • No coding skills required
  • Take booking deposits by credit card

A message from our founder, Matt

Why are restaurants being charged huge subscription fees or paying-per-cover – for an essential service like table bookings and management?

We couldn’t find a good reason either. So we came up with a solution instead – Menu Tile Bookings.

It’s technophobe tested and approved, with all the simple, intuitive functionality your staff and customers expect, at a fair price.

Most of our customers are up running with online bookings in minutes, but if you need a hand, we’re here to help.

Get ahead with bookings for December. Give it a go for 14 days, free.

Matthew Houldsworth
Managing Director, Menu Tile Ltd


How much does it cost?

Our table reservation system is free for 14 days, then flexible monthly, half yearly, or yearly packages from £24.96 per month (billed yearly) to £29.95 per month (billed monthly – Cancel at any time**). There are no individual booking or cover charges. Prices exclude VAT. Additional transaction fees apply for deposits on bookings, even on the 14 day trial. **Cancel any time – Your subscription will end at the end of your pre-paid period.

Do you charge a per cover fee?

No. We charge a flat rate of £29.95 per month with no additional charges.

Can I show the booking form on my website?

Yes. We have code snippets and a WordPress Plugin to allow you to easily integrate with your website.

Can I take deposits for reservations?

Yes. We have an integrated deposits system. Deposits are optional, and if you decide you want to take them, the price set is fully configurable.
If you use our Menu Tile system this is fully automated, and the deposit is reduced from a customer’s overall bill.
If you use table bookings as a stand-alone system, a code is sent to the customer with the receipt for their deposit. Your waiting staff have access to an interface to verify the deposit code when the customer comes to pay for their bill.
Deposits are handled by PayPal Marketplace, which requires you to have a Business PayPal address. Deposit payments can usually be transferred in 2 hours or less to your business bank account.

Can I take telephone bookings through the reservation system?

Yes. Just use the system to take the customer’s name, contact details and number in party. You can then choose the table they should be seated at.

Can I still have walk-in customers?

Yes, of course. You can even optionally choose to track those walk-in customers through the reservation system, so you can report on how many people walk in versus pre-booking.

Can I control the length of a booking?

Yes. You can set the default length of a booking and extend the length of a booking as you go. You can even choose to push a booking into a timeslot which is shorter than your default length if you wish, to maximise the use of your available covers.

Can I gather information for Track and Trace?

Yes. The system allows you to collect Name, Phone number and Email address of the customer. Additionally, you can optionally ask the customer to confirm that all those in the party are in the same bubble. This is specifically relevant when rules change overnight.

Can I see an overview of my venue's bookings at any one time?

Yes. There are month and day views of your venue’s bookings. You can also optionally choose to track if a customer has arrived, been seated, left the table or is a no-show.

Looking for more than just table bookings?

Our mission is to make your venue more profitable. We can take your menu, customer orders and payments online. Request a call from our team to discuss a personalised solution.